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It's All in the Details

As part of a team that has been providing professional real estate services, HOYEE International offers exceptional service and astute industry knowledge for all Melbourne Metropolitan Area properties.

HOYEE works to ensure that we maximise your rental return whilst efficiently and effectively managing your investment to ensure that your asset is well maintained to maximise capital growth.

•    7 day a week leasing services

•    Experienced leasing team

•    Multilingual staff

•    Well trained professional teams that understand the market

•    Consistently low vacancy rates

•    Marketing campaigns to maximise your property’s exposure

•    An extensive range of services including property management, leasing, insurance, maintenance, finance and sales

Our Property Management Team

HOYEE hasbeen amarket leader in providing quality property management services. Our size, 

reputation and infrastructure allow us to attract and retain the best people in the industry. Our team of qualified and experienced property managers is committed to providing you with professional advice

and the highest level of customer service.

Our LeasingTeam

HOYEE leasing team will find the right tenant for your property. With a dedicated team of leasing professionals, we have the resources to source and select the best quality tenants for our landlords. Operating 7 days a week, the leasing team is focused on providing tenants with assistance with relocations and furnished options, fast lease approvals and leasing advice.

Our Property Management Finance Team

Under the guidance of our qualified accountants, our team of finance professionals ensures all landlord accounts are managed according to best practice standards. Quality procedures are in place for the collection of rental and arrears, cash management and statement production, ensuring the prompt and accurate management and transfer of landlords’funds.